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Influential Leadership

Influencing Organizational Change

Influencer Training® teaches how to use the powerful and portable Influencer Model™ for executing behavior change within small teams and across entire organizations, and is specifically developed for leaders that want to change behaviors in themselves and within their organizations.

Key skills you will learn from the Training:

  • How to identify crucial behaviors that, if changed, will lead to the desired results
  • Diagnose the underlying causes for behavioral problems within your organization
  • Motivate and enable others without having to rely on formal authority
  • Use six sources of influence to make profound, positive and sustainable behavioral change


Through the personal and professional impact of leaders armed with the skills to influence change, our clients have improved bottom-line results like workplace safety, sales enablement, and profitability.


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Why Influencer Training®?

Influencer Training® empowers leaders with a powerful and portable model for achieving rapid, measurable, and sustainable behavior change.

Drawing on the skills of the world’s best change agents and five decades of social-science research, the program teaches leaders how to change ingrained human behavior - why people do what they do and how to help them act differently - so that you can achieve the results you want for yourself, your team and your organization.

Organizations around the world have turned to Influencer Training® to improve bottom-line results such as profitability, workplace safety, customer service, compliance, and process improvement.

How is Influencer Training® different?

The Influencer Model™ is a globally proven framework and system designed to effect lasting behavior and cultural change. It provides a very structured framework to meet all manner of challenges by developing a permanent change in behaviors. It’s no coincidence that Influencer Training® was named Top Training Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive Magazine and the Influencer 6-source model was conferred Change Management Approach of the Year by MIT Sloan.

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