Influencer Experience
for Healthcare Professionals

has Helped Hospitals Achieve
Sustained Behavior Change and Measurable Results


Leading healthcare institutions around the world including Spectrum Health McKenzie Medical Center and the Transplant Institute of Research Medical Center have something in common:

They have applied the proven Influencer Model™
to change behavior for dramatically improved results

in areas like compliance, patient safety and satisfaction,
process improvement, and revenue growth.

Spectrum Health

To reduce unnecessary infection, the hospital wanted to get people to wash their hands regularly after contact with patients. Within two months of implementing the Influencer Model™, hand hygiene compliance improved from 60% to 90%.

McKenzie Medical Center

Faced with resistance and negative perception about implementing a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, the Center used the Influencer Model™ and experienced a 100% EHR adoption, with full coding of patient charts and improved patient care, in less than four months.

Transplant Institute of Research Medical Center

Part of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the largest for-profit healthcare company in USA, the Center implemented the Influencer Model and saw their engagement levels especially in the area of personal responsibility, jump from 51% to 88%, an increase of 37 points, in just one year.


― Joseph Grenny, co-author of the best seller, Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change


When leaders know how to influence sustainable behavior change, their organizations thrive and individuals begin to execute and innovate like never before.

What’s more, research has shown that successful influencers increased their chances of success TENFOLD, when using change strategies found in the Influencer Model™.


What is The Influencer Model™?

The highly acclaimed Influencer Model™ has helped many leading healthcare organizations around the world overcome negative individual and team behavior with positive results.

The Influencer Model™ is a change management model built on thirty years of applied research and experience in the behavioral, social, and organizational sciences. It’s based on the premise that leaders can achieve long-term sustainable behavior change by enabling and motivating people to adopt new, vital behaviors through personal, social, and structural influences.

Want to know how the Influencer Model™
can help your Organization too?

Join us for our Influencer Experience, a complimentary live, online session to discover how the Influencer Model™ can help make behavioral change achievable AND sustainable.

The Influencer Experience

Monday 15 March 2021
2.00 – 3.30pm

Delivery via Zoom

During the Experience, you’ll discover:

  • How Healthcare professionals have successfully led change initiatives using the Influencer Model™

  • How to diagnose the real causes behind problems and create real solutions

  • How to influence others to take initiative, think strategically and improve performance, with or without formal authority

To register for this online Experience,
call 6384 3348
or email with your full name, designation and hospital name.
Registration closes on 10 March 2021.


This Experience session is meant for healthcare professionals only.
True North reserves the right to refuse registrations from independent trainers and consultants.


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